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Team entries for the Winter 2018 season are available online from Monday, 12 March 2017 (7am online / 9am front desk) & close Sunday 1 April 2018. Late entry enquiries please phone the Competition Department on 9894-8944 (ext 2). 

* Please be careful when submitting age restricted competition, as the age groups are based on age in 2018.

- Click here to enter your team online. (Available 12/3/18-1/4/18).

Click here to download a copy of the team entry form. 

For further information please phone Kylie Garnon or Jann Partyka on 02 9894-8944 (ext 2).

* Team Entry rules:

- Team Entry Forms will not be accepted unless completed in full & accompanied by Team Entry Fee.

- Team entries will only be accepted if signed by a person (over 18 years) willing to act as Team Manager.

- While a ‘First in first served’ rule applies for Team Entries, preference will be given to a) teams returning to Hills Basketball Association competitions and b) teams who have a history of adhering to the codes of conduct. 

- 'First in first served' rule applies for - Team Name (one of each per division)

- While each player MUST be individually registered, this is not required at the time of team entry. Players need to be registered prior to their first game. * Best practice to register onliine (to receive discount) 24hrs prior to first game. Please do not register too early as your fee is annual and will lapse at the same time each year.


* If a competitions shows SOLD OUT we have exceeded our limit on the number of teams for that competition (includes all grades). Additional spaces may become available depending on other team entries or court availability. If you are interested in playing in a SOLD OUT competition please select competition - EXPRESSION OF INTEREST. If we are unable to place your 'Expression of Interest' entry in the Winter 2018 season, the team entry fee will be refunded in full.


Please click here to view information on joining our Winter 2018 competition as an individual. 


U10 Girls Born 2009 or later Saturday
U10 Boys Born 2009 or later Saturday
U11 Girls Born 2008 or later Saturday
U11 Boys Born 2008 or later Saturday
U12 Girls Born 2007 or later Saturday
U12 Boys Born 2007 or later Saturday
U13 Girls Born 2006 or later Tuesday
U13 Boys Born 2006 or later Monday
U14 Girls Born 2005 or later Tuesday
U14 Boys Born 2005 or later Tuesday
U15 Girls Born 2004 or later Thursday
U15 Boys Born 2004 or later Monday
U16 Girls Born 2003 or later Thursday
U16 Boys Born 2003 or later Wednesday
U17 Girls  Born 2002 or later Friday
U17 Boys Born 2002 or later Friday
U18 Girls Born 2001 or later Friday
U18 Boys Born 2001 or later Friday
U22 Women Born 1997-2002 Thursday
U22 Men Born 1997-2002 Wednesday
Premier Women  Born 2002 or earlier Tuesday (Min 3 Rep players)
Premier Men Born 2002 or earlier Monday (Min 3 Rep players)
Senior Women Born 2002 or earlier Tuesday
Senior Men Born 2002 or earlier Monday / Thursday
NEW Masters Men Born 1978 or earlier Wednesday
Senior Unisex Born 2002 or earlier Sunday


* Premier League Men move to Monday night. Fully timed games, table officials supplied.

* New competition for Masters Men (Born 1978 or earlier) on Wednesday night.


Click here to view Competition By-Laws, Codes of Conduct, Zero Tolerance Policy and Risk Policy

Hills Basketball expects all participants to adhere to the spirit of the rules, with fun and healthy recreation as the primary goals rather than winning at all costs.


Click here to view the Fee Schedule (including court fee invoice procedure)

- Invoice #1 distributed from Monday, 30 April 2018. Online payment system closes Sunday, 20 May 2018 (midnight). 

- Invoice #2 distributed from Monday, 25th June 2018. Online payment system closes Sunday 15 July 2018 (midnight) for seniors and Sunday, 29 July 2018 (midnight) for juniors * extended due to competition break.


- Competition commences the week of Monday, 30 April & concludes Saturday, 29 September 2018.

- Week 1 Invoice #1 for Court Fees distributed

- Week 3 Invoice #1 closes online

- Week 4 Invoice #1 closed. Teams not permitted to play if full payment not received.

- Week 4 Uniform by-laws enforced

- Week 5 Team rosters finalised

- Week 5 - 9 Competitions reviewed 

- Week 9 Invoice #2 for Court Fees distributed

- Week 11 Invoice #2 closes online.

- Week 12  Invoice #2 closed. Teams not permitted to play if full payment not received.

- Semi Final / Placing Week - 16 September to 22 September 2018

- Grand Final Week - 23 September to 29 September 2018


- Junior holiday break - Monday 9 July 2018 to Saturday, 21 July 2018 (inclusive).

- Public Holidays - no competition played (all grades) on June Long Weekend (Sat 9 June, Sun 10 June, Mon 11 June)


- Competitions are reviewed after the first round (i.e. played every team once). Redraws may be issued in certain circumstances. 


Complaints Procedure

Should your team encounter a problem with the opposition, a referee or a spectator, please approach the Court Supervisor or Referee Supervisor immediately. This approach should be made in a polite manner by the team manager or coach.

Should you feel that your complaint is not dealt with satisfactorily by Supervisors, please refer the matter to the Competition Manager, Kylie Garnon.

Team Benches

To facilitate best practice game management, team benches are only to be occupied by team members, coach and manager. All spectators are required to be seated on the opposite side of the court or in the grandstands.

Junior Team Supervision

Each junior team is required to have an adult manager and this person should be present for all games. Where the manager is unable to attend a game the team must have another adult in attendance who is willing to take responsibility for the team. Games cannot commence without adult supervision for each team.

Team Roster

The scoresheet lists the names of registered players we have taken from your entry form. Teams wishing to add or delete players from their roster must do so on the "Change of Roster" form. 

This form can only be submitted by the Team Manager

Click here to submit your addition/deletion ONLINE!

Click here to download a copy of the "Change of Roster" form.

Players can not be added to the roster after week 5. Requests to waive this rule will be considered on a case by case basis. 

Please note that players who do not participate in any game before week 5 will be removed from the roster.


Please note that all players are responsible for their own registration status. Registration is completed annually. 

Click here to renew or complete individual registration. 


All players must be in correct uniform by the fourth week of competition. Players not in correct uniform by the fourth week of competition will not be permitted to take the court. Hire uniforms are available from the Court Supervisor in the event of a clash of colours. Hire uniform are not available on an ongoing basis as an alternative to teams providing their own uniforms. 

For further information regarding uniform please read our Competition By-Laws.

Technical and Unsportsmanlike Fouls

Any player assessed with a technical or unsportsmanlike foul during a game will be required to leave the court for a period of no less than 5 minutes. If substitutes are available, this player may be replaced. Should the same player be assessed with a 2nd technical or unsportsmanlike foul, s/he will be ejected from the game and the stadium.

Team Contacts

To avoid confusion for both the association and customers, teams are requested to direct all enquiries/requests through their team manager.

For further information please phone the stadium on 02 9894-8944 (ext 2).

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