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Please note the following important points relevant to the local basketball competitions. For a full copy of the Competition By-Laws, Codes of Conduct, Disciplinary Tribunal By-Laws, Refund or Risk Policy please refer to "Policy and Procedures".

Social Competition

  • Local basketball competitions are social. HBA By-law 1.1 states, "Basketball is a family-orientated sport conducted by Hills Basketball Association Inc. (HBA) to promote teamwork, sportsmanship and community spirit for all participants."
  • With this in mind, Hills Basketball expects all participants to adhere to the spirit of the rules, with fun and healthy recreation as the primary goals rather than displaying a win at all costs attitude.
  • Examples of behaviour which falls outside the spirit of the rules include abuse of referees, foul play and abuse of opposition players.

Codes of Conduct

  • All team managers are reminded that any person (including players, coaches, managers, referees and spectators) entering the Hills Sports Stadium or any venue under the control or direction of Hills Basketball Association, is bound by the Hills Basketball Association Codes of Conduct. These codes are not onerous and simply reflect a common sense approach to ensure that all participants enjoy their Basketball at Hills Sports Stadium.
  • Team managers are asked to assist in the promotion of good sportsmanship by making everyone connected with their team, including supporters, aware of the Codes of Conduct.
  • A full copy of the Codes of Conduct is available under "Policy & Procedures".

Complaints Procedure

  • Should your team encounter a problem with the opposition, a referee or a spectator please approach the Stadium Supervisor or Game Supervisor immediately. This approach should be made in a polite manner by the team manager or coach. Addressing the situation during the game will provide the best opportunity to rectify any problems.
  • Should you feel that your complaint is not dealt with satisfactorily by game night staff, please contact the General Manager via email

Team Benches

  • To facilitate best practice game management, team benches are only to be occupied by team members, coach, assistant coach and manager. All spectators are required to be seated on the opposite side of the court or, on court 1, in the grandstand.

Team Roster

  • The scoresheet lists the names of players we have taken from your entry form. Teams wishing to add or delete players from their roster MUST do so on an Add/Delete form. Players can not be added after week 5 of the competition due to grading.


  • Please note that all players, including those representing school or club teams, are responsible for their own registration status.

Team Contacts

  • To avoid confusion for both the association and customers, teams are requested to direct all enquiries/requests through the team manager.


  • All players must be in correct uniform by the fourth week of competition. Players not in correct uniform by the fourth week of competition (without valid exemption) will not be permitted to take the court.
  • Hire uniforms are available from the Stadium Supervisor in the event of a clash of colours only. Hire uniforms are not available on an ongoing basis as an alternative to teams providing their own uniforms.

Technical & Unsportsmanlike Fouls

  • Any player assessed with a technical or unsportsmanlike foul during a game will be required to leave the court for a period of no less than 5 minutes. If substitutes are available, this player may be replaced. Should the same player be assessed with a 2nd technical or unsportsmanlike foul, s/he will be ejected from the game and therefore the playing area.

Should you require assistance or additional information throughout the season please do not hesitate to approach either the Court Supervisor or Referee Supervisor during your competition. In addition, assistance is also available from our office staff between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday by calling 9894 8944 or send your enquiry by e-mail

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