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Welcome to the Hills Basketball Coaches Corner.

Here we will assist all coaches at both domestic and representative levels by providing access to drills, resources, courses and more materials that will assist in your development as a coach.
We recommend that you regularly visit this page to improve your coaching and stay up to date with all the latest coaching drills and techniques that you can use in your program.
If you require further information or would like to submit coaching material to share with other coaches please feel free to contact our Player and Coach Development Manager Daniel Trikilis at any time at .
Congratulations on your decision to coach in the domestic competition or your appointment to a representative team. Your commitment and dedication to your young athletes is to be commended. This experience can be one of the most rewarding and challenging for you.
You have limited time with your players each week, sometimes the results might not come straight away. I strongly recommend you develop the fundamental skills of each player. Don’t be too concerned with developing an offensive structure, especially for teams competing in Under 12’s or younger. Try to keep things as simple as possible for your players. Basketball is the most over coached sport in the world. So, let’s simplify it and make it about your players learning the fundamentals of the game in a good, positive and fun environment.
Area’s to focus on in your training sessions are:
Athlete development first, winning second philosophy
If players under your guidance can execute the fundamentals of the game efficiently and consistently, winning will be a by-product that naturally occurs. A major emphasis in your sessions should be placed on fundamental skill acquisition.
Organisation and planning
Players will have confidence in a coach who runs a well organised, interesting and systematic practise session. I always have a session plan whenever I run my trainings. Develop long term objectives based on individual and team talent available and short-term objectives that will assist in reaching these long-term objectives.
Format training plans and game plans. Write these down and keep for future reference.
Effective communication
It doesn’t matter how much you know about the game of basketball if you are not able to communicate this effectively to your players. Focus on teaching points within a drill you run. General rule of thumb is to have three teaching points within a drill especially in the younger age groups. Encourage and stay positive with your players. Be consistent with all players in your messages that you deliver. Make sure you are firm on poor behaviour also, poor body language and attitude needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
Throughout the year HBA will post training plans, drills, articles which you can read and chose to use in your weekly sessions. You will see that each training plan can easily be modified for younger or older age groups. 
I encourage you to send me any requests or questions you may have to .in order for me to address them each week.

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