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Congratulations to all coaches on their appointment.

Girls Program 

Boys Program

12G - Dani D'Morias, Maddie Emmett | Laura Davison,

Jason Strong 

12B - Konrad Haddadi, Darren Marshall, Ari Ripoll
14G1 - Zoe Burke 14B1 - Nick Graham
14G2 - Jordan Nast 14B - Damien Power, Mitch Sultana
14G3 - Laura Obilinovic | Emily Shephard  16B1 - Richard Howard
16G1 - Robert Meyrick 16B - Shaun Munro, Campbell Ripoll
16G2 - Lachlan Hudson 18B - Robert Davidson, David Hayman, Brett Lowe
16G3 - Paul Schulze  
18G1 - Brent Walkerden |  A/C- Rob Meyrick  
18G2- Cheonneth Strickland  


Where a parent coach has been appointed we will wait until trials are over to announce the Head Coaches to allow the child to be selected in the highest division possible. Where this applies those divisons coaches names are in alphabetical order via surname.This process has been put in place to ensure the fair and transparent selection of players for each Division where a parent coach is involved.

Independent coaches will be selected to assist with selections for each team, they will follow shortly.

While we have named three teams in certain age groups, it will depend on the playing numbers and quality we have throughout the trials. Please note that in 2020 HBA will be entering teams into Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 of the Metro Junior League.

For further information please contact Christie Graham on 02 9894-8944 (ext 3) or

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