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Casual Shooters

ALL persons must sign-in to the office (upstairs) and pay the required:

- $3.00 per person if you are a registered player at Hills Basketball Association (HBA)

- $5.00 per person non-registered at HBA

- $10.00 per person weekly pass (registered player at HBA)

- $15.00 per person weekely pass (non-registered player at HBA)

- Hills Hornets Representative players receive FREE useage * Still required to sign-in.

Casual Shooting is available Monday - Friday 9am - 3.30pm. There is NO casual shooting on the weekends or public holidays.

At times courts are unavailable. To check availability, please call us on 9894-8944.

HillsSide Hotels
C2K Fitness and Aquatic Centre
  • Hills Basketball Stadium, Home of the Hills Hornets, Fred Caterson Reserve, Caterson Drive, Castle Hill
  • (02) 9894-8944